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Letter of Recommendation

It is my pleasure to recommend April Barr. I have observed her spiritual development from a young Christian who was very active in her youth group into the gifted business woman, speaker and model that she has become today. She has not been afraid to step out and do what she felt she should or stand up for what was right. The depth of the questions she would ask demonstrated a character that was deeper than most even at a young age. As she matured, the evidence of her depth perception was clear as she continued to pursue her goals and seek wise counsel.

I have seen April grow through success. Not many women can enter the world of fashion and travel as an international model while maintaining their integrity. Yet April has. I have also seen April grow through adversity, injury, and pain. Honesty, enthusiasm, diligence, purity, and wisdom are words that have come to mind when contemplating April Barr’s character.

It has been a joy to watch April grow through the years into such a lovely woman inside and out. Now I see in April a hearts desire to make a difference in the lives of others by sharing some very valuable information. Even as a young person, April was a gifted communicator. Now, as an adult, with experience, education, and polish, April is more than gifted. She is phenomenal. Any group will be greatly blessed and moved closer to Christ from hearing April Barr speak.

Danny Roberts
Senior Associate Pastor, North Richland Hills Baptist Church
North Richland Hills, Texas

Letter of Recommendation

It is a privilege to write a letter of recommendation for April Barr. I have worked around young men and women for thirty years and April is not only a stand out among her peers but she is a bit of a phenomenon.

She has an obvious passion for the Lord and this is combined with a giftedness that makes her so exceptional. I have met many young people with passionate vision but they lack the discipline and complimentary gifts to facilitate the fulfillment of their vision. I don’t know that I could name many young women as gifted as April Barr.

April’s passion for TRUTH keeps her on the cutting edge when it comes to her heart for ministry. From the moment I met her at a college conference in 1998, I knew that God was going to do awesome things through her yielded life. As April has inspired me, she will inspire anyone who has the privilege of spending time with her. I see her as part of a great army that God is raising up to inspire the next generation of young women to recklessly abandon themselves to God.

April’s inward beauty shines through the outward beauty that God has blessed her with. If April had a fan club...I would definitely be a member.

Jackie Kendall
President of Power to Grow
Best-selling author of Lady in Waiting

Letter of Recommendation

“…like a pillar sculpted in palace style,” April Barr is beautiful to behold; yet she is equally beautiful in the hidden places of her heart.

In the providence of God, April’s time as a model was mightily used “for such a time as this.” April has developed a curriculum for women entitled, Queen Esther’s Court, which she teaches the secrets of inner and outer beauty. She teaches on significance, beauty, make-up application, healthy weight management, and how to make fashionable and modest clothing choices.

As a mother who got to eavesdrop on the lessons, I most appreciated April’s honest sharing about how she maintains her relationship with Jesus Christ. She shared how to develop a daily quiet time and challenged the girls to start this routine. She believes that intimacy with Jesus is what enables women to stand against moral impurity and extreme worldliness in a world that teaches it is the outside appearance that matters.

Being up close and personal with a successful international model was a first time thrill for my daughters and their friends. They all loved learning from April!

April has parlayed the physical discipline required of models into the spiritual discipline required of disciples. She is full of grace and truth, for the Spirit of the Lord lives in her. April is a beautiful example of discipline, personal holiness, and the freedom that those bring. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty!

The world’s epidemics of eating disorders, sexual promiscuity, substance abuse, and decaying morals have infected the church. I highly recommend having April Barr speak to any teenage, college, young adult, or women’s groups. She understands the times and I believe she was created “for such a time as this.”

Ruth Meek
Christian Speaker and Writer
Dallas, Texas


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