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I have had the unique privilege of listening to April Barr speak with adults and at several teen/parent events. In a world in love with sin, April communicates the source of true beauty to audiences in a powerful way that leads to life changing decisions. Her focus is not to change the hem lines, but to be used by God as He changes hearts.
Don’t miss April Barr!

— Henry Rogers, Corporate Chaplain — Interstate Battery System of America

April Barr spoke at the 2006 STARS National Conference, presented by FRIENDS FIRST.   April is an excellent motivator.   Her personal stories are powerful and have a lasting impact.   April's positive attitude is contagious and she relates well to students.   This was evident immediately following her presentation at the conference because she was available to students who needed to talk and she followed up with them through email after the conference.   The following are comments from students about her presentation: •  I learned how we need to live everyday to build or find our own character.
  • Her story is so impressive, especially coming from the "fashion" world.
  • She was amazing!
  • I liked how she used her own experiences.
  • She was very funny and energetic.
  • She was very motivating!
  • Very touching. Great information.
  • I liked her life stories.
  • It was cool how she used her past experience to talk to us.
  • She was a great speaker and very real.
  • She taught me a lot about character and how to live my life.

•  Excellent toolkit for teaching and reaching girls, especially her "morning routine" analogies. •  I loved it. •  April used a lot of good analogies.   It was real interesting. April's message on character and her experience in the fashion world are perfect for student leadership conferences or women's and girl's conferences.

— Gina Harris -Executive Director & National Program Director

It is my distinct pleasure to recommend April Barr as a speaker for women's ministry events. April has a unique ability to cross ages and stages of life to represent God's word to every woman in the audience. She recently spoke and our weekly FOCUS downtown Dallas women's Bible study lunch and was quite a hit.

One lady admitted awaking that morning, dreading the rest of her day and wondering how she would get through it, only to discover that if she applied God's Truths that April spoke on she would make it through every day! I thank God for April and her willingness to be real, authentic, and reachable for all women, no matter what stage of life they are experiencing. Catch April while you can!

— Pam Brewer, Women's Minister — First Baptist Dallas

April Barr...WOW!  We thoroughly enjoyed having her speak at MOPS.  Such a great way to start off our year.  All moms were challenged by April as she talked about comparisons and our TRUE worth.  What I love about April is that she has a truly genuine, precious heart that beams with God's love.  She was a tremendous blessing to us all!

Michelle Younkman, MOPS Coordinator, Irving Bible Church TX

Thank You, April, for telling our youth and parents the truth. In a culture that seems to know the price of everything and the value of nothing, your message is desperately needed. All of us need to know, and to be often reminded, that no matter what the world may think of us, to God we are of immeasurable worth.

— James O’Dell, Senior Pastor - Calvary Hill Baptist Church

April Barr speaks from the heart, a heart for God. Her sincere honesty draws you into more than listening to what she has to say, you connect with her. As a middle aged father of three grown sons, I did not expect a model to have much to say to me that was relative. I was wrong, very wrong! If you have the opportunity to hear April Barr, I would encourage you to do so. It is an opportunity to be Blessed and Encouraged.

— Carter Smith, attendee

April’s message on "True Worth" was so refreshing and powerful. Women have always been the worst about finding their worth and self esteem in things of the world. We look to media and Hollywood to find out if we are good enough.

The Lord has blessed April with a huge platform for her ministry, being a model and seeing and experiencing first hand the world’s view of worth. Once I heard she was a model I was so intrigued because being a woman, I wanted a glimpse into that life and wanted to hear what she had to say. Her perspective of the world versus what Scripture says painted a very clear picture. Any woman who is presented with an opportunity to hear April speak should jump at it.

As women, we all tend to feel the same insecurities and pressures from this world. April’s message comes straight from Scripture and screams at us that our entire worth and value comes from God alone, who loves and cherishes us just as we are because He has created us and loves us like no other in this world.

— Jessica Sandlin, attendee

My daughter was inspired by April's talk "God's Designer Clothing Line," which taught her how to dress in the armor of God every day. By the following week my daughter was writing scripture on cards and referring to them throughout the day. I was so encouraged by how April impacted my daughter!

Since then I've taken my daughters and their friends to hear April speak at various churches. It is exciting to know someone is out there who has a heart for young girls to grow into godly women! I am thankful as a mom to know April is available to back me up on what I am teaching my daughters and to help me as I battle against the world's influence on my daughters.

— Brenda Lyon, mother


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